Weibull – Analyses

In Visual-Xsel 11.0 Weibull / Multivar you can find diagrams, analyses and statistics after industry-standard. The Weibull-Distribution, named after the Swedish engineer Weibull, is used for reliability - and lifetime - tests.


This universal distribution-function is simple to handle and delivers statements also with only few values over fundamental failure-causes. Following points of meaning are in the practice: 

·  Weibull-Net with confidence-bounds and rise as right axis  

·  Determination of the frequencies over any procedures  

·  Determination of the Weibull-Parameter for example over " Maximum-Likelihood-Methode "  

·  Consideration of faults not yet occurred

·  „Sudden-Death- proceeds "  

·  Prognosis for faults entered not yet with candidate-calculation  

·  Statistical comparison of 2 distributions  

· Test on mixed distributions  

·  Woehlerdiagrams from Weibull – Analyses
and much more…

These methods can be used over templates, which are expandable

More information to general basics

Consideration of faults not yet occurred and prognoses   
Statistical Assurance without failures

Deriving stress-cycle (Woehler) diagram from Weibull evaluation


Download Weibull.pdf