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In our inhouse trainings and courses we impart knowledge with practical application of statistical methods using real examples. The basics are universal and independent from software. On the other side we can train espacially the handling of Visual-XSel.

Daily rate for training and conditions for hourly rate on request. The number of participants should not exceed 10 degrees. It includes courseware. Possibly training computers will get a temporary free-code for Visual-XSel.. Reduced prices in combination of trainings and software are possible.

All our trainers have many years of professional experience, all methods are explained based on real practical examples.

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Reliability & Weibull  -  2 days (Inhouse)


Our classical most booked training:

- Statistical basics a terms of Weibull
- Creating a Weibull-chart
- Interpretation of the characteristics
- Comparison of distributions and mixed distributions
- Sudden-Death and suspensions (non failed parts)
- Woehler-chart and combination with Weibull
- Acceleration tests with higher load and temperature
- Guaranteed minimum reliability at tests with and without failures.
- Regarding unexpected failures
- Evaluation of failures in the field (in use)
- Prognoses, Candidates and "Schichtlinien" e.g.
- Customized evalutaions

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Design of Experiment & Statistics -  2 days (Inhouse)  


- Statistical basics a terms of DoE
- Introduction in the System Analyses
- Cause effect diagrams - Pareto-Analyses
- Developing robust systems
- Type of statistical experiments like
--Definitive Screening Designs and D-Optimal, e.g.
- (scope of application with real examples)
- Determination of interactions
- Evaluation with Stepwise Regression
- Problems with high deviation and correlations
Interpretation of the characteristics
- Transformations
- More responses and optimization
- Customized evalutaions

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Consulting & Methodical Support ---


CRGRAPH supports you in your problems, performs evaluations for you, or create company-specific templates.

Ideal is a combination of training and a subsequent workshop to empower you and build up your own competence.

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SixSigma, DFSS, Green- and Black-Belt-Courses


We offer both the entire toolbox of  SixSigma, Design for SixSigma (DFSS) as well as Green- and Black-Belt-trainings  with our cooperations.

Of course, we also support you in concrete projects and coach you.

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