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CRGRAPH (Society of civil law)
Owner: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Curt Ullrich Ronniger
Riedener Weg 23a
82319 Starnberg

Tel. +49(0)8151-9193638  -  Fax. +49(0)8151-9973477
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VAT:  DE 224 887 783

About us  

We are a team of 2 persons. We are specialized for reliability and Desing of Experiment since more than 20 years.
Our methods have been developed mainly for the automotive industry. But our customers are also other branch of industry such as production, medicine and engineering.

To ensure the availability of our methods and the distribution of visual XSel, we cooperate especially with Qualica

What are our strengths?

What our customers appreciate that both our software, and the training is simple and practical explanations. Especially important is the right interpretation of the theory and the correct transfer to the real problems.

On the other hand, we have special procedures and methods, which do not exist as in standard programs. Particularly noteworthy are owr life-time-prognoses and system analyzes using cause-effect diagrams, from which one can derive DoE's.

Through our cooperation, we have for each topic professional know-how which is up to date at any time.

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