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Statistical methods are a complex issue. Software for this topics this must be as easy to use as possible and has to be understandable.
This is our aim. Visual-XSel guides the user step by step with speech bubbles through the methods and provides expertise to interpret the results correctly.

The ability to determine from cause effect diagrams the most important parameters for a DoE, or a lifetime analysis, is unique in this form. Using this method, many difficult projects have already been successfully solved.

  The new Desing of Experiment (DoE), the so-called Definitive Screening Designs (DSD), allow with a very low number of trials
to identify non-linear relationships, and in some cases also interactions.

Topics and Methods

We focus on the following topics and methods:


Six Sigma

Visual-XSel offers comprehensive tools for the Six Sigma  DMAIC-, IDOV-, or DMADV-Cycle. For Design for Six Sigma are the
following templates available: QFD, FMEA, DRBFM, SWOT, SIPOC, VoC, Design-Scorecard, Risk-filter, TRIZ-resistance-matrix.

The most important topics, like data analyses and DoE, as well as reliability-methods are much more powerful in Visual-XSel 
compared to other standard Six Sigma Programs. 

Six Sigma DMAIC

We offer with our partners so-called Green- and Black Belt trainings, and support you in your concrete projects.

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