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Visual-XSel® 13.0 Weibull / Multivar
Advanced and efficient statistical software but nevertheless user-friendly
Main focus are the subjects Reliability Analysis (Weibull) and Design of Experiment
Multivariate methods and System analysis
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Visual-XSel® 13.0 Weibull / Multivar ___

The new version 13.0 for Weibull-analysis and statistical experiments/evaluation, and the version Multivar
offer all functions also for advanced methods and critical data to get out the maximum.
Visual-XSel 13.0 Weibull / Multivar is now also the complete tool for data analysis and special methods for SixSigma.
No other software unites so much important methods like statistics, test-planing, DoE, Shainin and Weibull under one program.

The new Stat Guide 
contains the topics:

- Statistical charts,
_methodes, SixSigma
_and Shainin.
- At the choice SixSigma the corresponding
_methods will be highlighted e.g. for
- At the most topics one has the choice to
_use further dialogues or special templates
_including examples.
- It is possible to create new own templates,
_or to expand existing ones.
- For the SixSigma cycle DFSS (IDOV) Visual-
_XSel profides now QFD, FMEA, DRFBM,
_SWOT, SIPOC, VoC, TRIZ-Contradictions

Test now: Download

Stat Guide


_ Example for a QFD with house_1


The TRIZ contradiction table